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Starlight Marketing Corporation

Our company is the fruit of much work and effort of more calification of people that come working of abundance time in the field of electronics since 20 years. We pretend to give you the latest products , advanced technology , competitive prices , and the most important a great service to a client, for you to enjoy your purchases with tranquility from the beginning and which ever doubt your in safe hands with a lot of personal experience in each section to answer your questions , at the same time we have a very classified and fast area of packing and delivery. Who takes care of the orders for you to receive them in the most fast and safe way. We also have a technical and repair division in which situacion we take heed of any information pre and post sales of any inconvenience that can be generated RMA# (return merchandise authorization number) in case you want to return an item to be replaced or repaired. thanks you from your interest in our site and we want to keep a healthy relationship with you in business for much time and hope to give to you our most high quality service.

Starlight Marketing Corporation
14341 Sw  120 St  Suite 103
Miami ,Fl. 33186
Ph. (305)386-9190
FAX (305)386-9188
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